Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Three Things About One Word: Hope

This weeks blog month assignment is to write three things about one word.  The word I chose was:


Hope can come in many forms.  Through Compassion International, the sponsored children learn about and have hope for their future!

First and foremost, the children can learn hope in Jesus!  Through the Compassion projects, the children attend Sunday school, church, and learn about the word of God.  This can give them a hope for their future by putting their faith in God.  They have hope through prayer, uplifting and encouraging verses, communion with other believers, and a joy in the Lord.  This is something we can all connect with each other over as well, which is a great common ground when writing the kids letters.

Second, with an education they can have hope for a job, hope for a better life, hope for a change in circumstance.  Without Compassion International, some of the sponsored kids would not be able to attend school or afford the basics like school tuition, books, uniforms, etc.  Through this hope, their world can change!  We are so fortunate here in the US with free education, but in other parts of the world, there is no such thing as a free education, which is sad.

Third, they can have hope in a relationship with us, their sponsor!  My sponsored and correspondence children all have the hope that we will send them letters of encouragement, to lift them up.  I love getting a letter in my mailbox from them, and I know they feel the same way.  They have said the sweetest words regarding how much letters mean to them, even short letters.  Never underestimate how valuable hope through caring words can be!  My kids have a hope that we will someday visit them (I sure hope I can!), but more than anything, they just hope for a loving relationship and friendship.  Please give them that relationship if you already sponsor, and if you are not currently sponsoring a child, please give hope to a child awaiting a sponsor today!

Please click on the below link to see children in need of a sponsor.  Give them HOPE for a bright future today.

Click here to sponsor a child today!


  1. What a great reminder of how the sponsored kids benefit! I hope that many kids are sponsored and receive this opportunity to hear about hope!

  2. This is wonderful! I linked you up in my post :)

  3. Great post Katie! And that's a great choice of word... HOPE! It so sums up Compassion, doesn't it?